Joined this one 20 August 1968 at Chatham naval dockyard. It was a doddle of a job. I had never been isssued with so much gear. We used to transport items from naval dockyard to naval dockyard. Many times it would be just 1 crate, don't know why it couldn't have gone by van. Public money I guess so didn't matter.
Whenever we were in Devonport I used the the same watering hole just outside the dock gate. It was run by an elderly couple who treated me like a long lost son. I celebrated my 21st there, mum (as I called the Landlady) cooked me a huge cornish pasty for lunch, and in the evening they organised a party and she had baked me a cake. A realy nice couple I did visit them a couple of times over the years and was always received with elation.
We used to dock in Chatham quite often so was able to do flying visits home as well.
My faourite port was pompey we used to berth next to "HMS Victory" and could always find a girl among the visitors that would like to dally with a sailor. Yes a splendid port on all levels. Boredom set in in May 1969 so I signed off and returned to Folkestone.