• Mosel Tour. October 2014. Part 4.

    October 19th.

    Left Vaal 1000hrs, mostly M/ways. Interesting if not nervewracking around Rotterdam. Arrived Den Haag 1300hrs. Negotiated the narrow approach road ok, only to find our destination was closed. Extricated ourselves with lots of cursing and found a lay by to replan. I decided on Duinrell, a place I'd been to before. It's attached to a theme park so I was confident it would be open. Arrived 1400hrs and checked in. We took a walk around the town which was mostly closed being a Sunday. Back to the site, did some food shopping then a couple of beers in the pub. Quiet evening then bed.

    October 20th.

    Left 1015hrs heading for Liege. Not the most pleasant drive, mostly M/ways again. Arrived "Du Chateau de Dieupalt" 1330hrs. Picked a spot by the river

    Eevie, Liege.

    and set up. Strolled up to the the town. Very disappointing, mostly commerce, garden, buiding, and motor dealers. No inviting hostelry to be seen. Then back to Eevie, and watched the river on it's journey to the sea.

    Site at Liege.

    Watched "Panic Room" on DVD in the evening, then bed.

    October 21st.

    After a night of rain, we left site 0930hrs. Bound for the coast as we were due on the ferry next day. Awful traffic round Brussels ring road, then the rain returned with increasingly strong wind. Driiving proved difficult. Arrived at "Polder Vallei" Middlekirke 1330hrs. Rain stopped but the wind was blowing a real hooly. Walked into town, then to the seafront where we were sandblasted.

    Seafront, Middlekirke.

    As you can see it was deserted. Walking back into town and saw the Pompiers trying to make safe some wind damage.

    Pompiers, Middlekirk.

    Had a couple of beers in a cafe then back to Eevie. There were times I thought we would blow over, but we didn't.

    October 22nd.

    Left 1000hrs, and made our usual visit to Cite Europe for wine and food. From there to the port and an earlier ferry. Back at storage 1700hrs. The end of another trip.

    A rough outline of the trip.

    Mosel Trip

  • Mosel Tour. October 2014. Part 3.

    October 17th.

    A dull start to the day, left site 1000hrs. Followed the Mosel passing through many pretty towns until we reached Cochem. Decided to overnight there. Found the site, booked in for one night and set Eevie up.

    Eevie, Cochem.

    All done by 1300hrs. Then took a 15 minute walk along the river into the town. Crossed the bridge where the River Cruise Ships moor and arrived in the centre.

    Cochem, Centre.

    Very busy with lots of narrow streets. Browsed a few shops. Then found a suitable hostelry on the riverfront and decide on lunch. First a beer,

    Lunch. Cochem.

    then we had a delicious salad. While we were eating that we noticed other diners tucking in to huge ice creams. Finished our salad and as I was having another beer treated Hazel to one of the said ice creams.

    Hazels Ice Cream, Cochem.

    She made short work of that. We then strolled around a while longer before heading back to Eevie and settling down for the night.

    October 18th.

    Woke to dull misty morning. packed up and left site 1030hrs. We continued along the Mosel, again passing through many lovely towns. One we had to stop at,


    because both our Dads had been named Alfred but both known as Alf. A pretty place and Hazel found some more walnuts by the river.

    Mosel at Alf.

    Naturally while she was doing that, I was watching the barges. We then continued along the river to Koblenz where it joins the Rhine. Said our goodbyes to it here and followed the Autobahn to Aachen on the German/Dutch border. Crossed the boreder into Vaal. Decided to stop here for the night. Being only 1330hrs we strolled around looking in the antique shops. It became very warm 25c so had a lunch and beer. Quiet evening as we were heading for Den Haag tomorrow.

  • Mosel Tour. October 2014. Part 2.

    October 15th.

    Left Wiltz 1030 hrs. Filled up with fuel just before the German border, everybody had the same idea as it's much cheaper in Luxembourgh. A short run along a motorway then a wiggly descent to Trier. On each harpin there was a layby, each one complete with hooker. Didn't stop of course ( the wife was with me). Took a little while to find the Stellplatz, then work out how to operate the barrier, eventually successful we perrked up at 1315hrs.

    Eevie, Trier Stellplatz.

    Unusually parking was nose to tail so plenty of room. The weather was warm and sunny so we strolled along the Mosel to the town centre.

    Trier City Centre.

    It's a very nice town with a lot of Roman history. We visited a Pharmacy for paracetamol capsules taken analy (specific request for a friends daughter in Dubai). With no German Hazel made a very good job of explaining what she wanted. We bought a guide to motorhome stopovers for the whole of Europe written in German but decipherable. Stopped at a cafe for a sandwich and a beer, then headed back to Eevie. Nice warm evening.

    October 16th.

    We'd had a bit of rain during the night, but worse was the pitter patter of acorns on the roof. Yes we'd parked under an oak tree. When you enter the machine at the barrier gives you a ticket. This you put in a machine to add money to it. I had put 10 Euros on it. When you leave you go back to the machine and it charges you for use, 6 Euros parking and any electric or showers used we'd used 6 hours electric but I got change, 80 cents. Then with the card you can open the barrier to leave. On the road by 1030hrs and went wrong almost straight away. Finished up going down the same hill as yesterday, not to the hookers, honest. Then followed the Mosel enjoying the sites. Called in a supermarket and booze shop at Pissporta for provisions. Loads of campers there including a few Brits. Then onwards, 1300hrs we arrived at Bernkastel so decided to stay. Found a campsite 1/2 a mile along the river so opted for that. Checked in and set up.

    Eevie, Bernkastel.

    Unhitched the bikes and cycled to town. Found a cycle park by the river and realised we had been here on a river cruise a couple of years ago.


    We had then, walked up the hill to behind the castle to find a waterfall (recommended by the tour guide) it was a long drag and disappointing. This time we just took in the the town and it's sites.

    Bernkastel, Centre.

    All very fairy taleish but lovely. Stopped at a cafe for a drink

    Hazel, Bernkastel.

    and to soak up the atmosphere. Behind Hazel in the pic is the easy option to the Castle or waterfall. Spent a lovely afernoon then cycled back to Eevie. Quiet evening, and Hazel picked up lots chestnuts as the site had loads of said trees. Then so to bed to see what tomorrow would bring.

  • Mosel Tour. October 2014. Part 1.

    October 13th.

    Set off on a miserable wet morning. Left Dover on the 0955hrs P&O ferry arrived Calais 1215hrs local time. Cleared port and headed for Ypres. Arrived "Camping Jeugstadum" 1400hrs. Reception was closed until 1600hrs so took a walk into town.

    The Square, Leper.

    This pic is from a previous visit. Had a couple of beers in the square, then back to site. Although it's a campsite it also has an Aire for Motorhomes. 12 euros for one night with access to all the site facilities, this is what we did. On moving Eevie form where we'd parked I saw we had left her on a tow away zone, lucky escape.

    October 14th.

    Woke to another dull day. Left site 1015hrs heading for Bastogne. When we got there we couldn't find a parking place so continued into Luxemburgh. First place we tried was closed so continued on using our book. Arrived at a town called Wiltz 1600hrs, found a very nice site by the sports centre and booked for a night.

    Eevie, Wilz.

    All grass pitches but was dry and firm, only 1 other van there. Sun came out and temp' hit 16c, so walked into town. In a small supermarket we bought some provisions and a bottle of Jagermeister for 9 euros, bargain price. Had a couple of beers in a small bar and was made very welcome by the locals. Back on site checked out the free WiFi, it was brilliant. I suppose because only 2 vans there the speed was excellent. Had a Facetime chat with my daughter Fiona, and using FilmOn app was able to watch BBC tv. We settled early for tomorrow we were to hit the Mosel for the first time at Trier.

  • Plymouth for Teeny Weeny World, September 2014.

    September 28th.

    Left Hawkinge 0900hrs. Heading for Plymouth to get stock for "Teeny Weeny World". The wholesaler is in Plymouth, so we combine a trip in Eevie with a visit for stock. This time we headed for a campsite in Saltash 4 miles into Cornwall but only half hour from Plymouth. Arrived at the site 1515hrs, after uneventful journey, though getting bored with the same route. Checked in and parked up.

    Eevie, Saltash.

    Site very nice with very good facilities. Sat outside for a while before retiring for the evening.

    September 29th.

    Woke to a nice day, set off for the wholesaler at 1000hrs. Spent 4 hours there, back on site 1600hrs. Another nice evening enjoying the sun.

    September 30th.

    Left site 0930hrs. Driving up the A38 there is a sign for "Canonteign Falls", we'd passed it many times but this time paid a visit.

    Eevie, Canonteign Falls.

    Pleased we did. Cost 14 for both of us, but a lovely, if strenuous walk. Quite a climb to the Falls but nice,

    Canonteign Falls.

    I believe they are man made, but look very natural.

    Allthough it can be strenuous there are plenty of rest stops,

    Hazel, Canonteign Falls.

    which we made use of. We were there about 2 hrs. We then headed for Cheddar, arriving 1500hrs. Got a pitch on the Caravan Club site. walked into the village for a look round. Hazel got some bits in the charity shops and we had a nice meal in a pub. Back to the site and early night.

    October 1st.

    Had to head home for a funeral on the 2nd. Left site 0930hrs, back at Hawkinge 1430hrs. Liked Cheddar and we will go back and do the caves, Gorge etc. May try site next to club one. "Cheddar Bridge Touring Park" not because there's anything wrong with club one, but being a miserable old git this one is adults only.

  • East Sussex and Hampshire. September 2014.0

    September 14th.

    Left Hawkinge 1100hrs, heading for the "Runt in Tun" near Heathfield, one of our favourite stops. Friends of ours, Colin and Therese were meeting us there. There first trip in their newly aquired motorhome. We arrived at 1330hrs, in bright sunshine. Being Sunday the pub was very busy. We sat outside in the sun eating cheese and biscuits. The others arrived 1700hrs, I assisted Colin with his set up as it was his first time.

    Eevie and the Snail at Runt in Tun.

    Colin and Therese had dinner in their van while Hazel and I adjourned to the pub for food, sadly they had been so busy most food was gone, we had to settle for scampi and chips.
    After food and showers we all settled in Eevie for drinks. Therese got totally pissed and gave our Noddy a beating.

    September 15th.

    Awoke to more good weather. After breakfast we packed the vans, all going our seperate ways. We left at 1100hrs, heading for "Sandy Balls" in the New Forest, we both love the place but Hazel had no idea that was where we were heading. Arrived 1430hrs,

    Sandy Balls

    Hazel was well happy, checked in and it was only 15 per night, this including all leisure facilities. Its quite expensive weekends and high season but for us midweek and low season it's a bargain, in fact it gets as low as 10 per night.

    Settled on our pitch which had water, electric hook up, TV aerial point, and hedged.

    Touring Pitches, Sandy Balls.

    We walked up to the centre where there is a swimming pool, leisure centre, shop, cycle hire, Restaurant, pub and childrens play centre.

    Sandy Balls, Centre.

    Had a couple of beers then back to Eevie, sat outside until the sun went down.

    September 16th.

    Another lovely day. We went to reception and booked one of their Pine Lodges for Christmas. We would have been happy to use Eevie but as Ma-in-Law and Hazels brother Julian and partner Viv were going to be with us it would have been to crowded. Then we set off on our bikes for a ride around the locality. I didn't produce a good one that time, very rough in places and lots of ups and downs. Finished up at the "Fighting Cocks" for beer. Hazel was pleased as we were greeted by 2 donkeys on arrival.

    Donkeys at the Fighting Cocks, Godshill.

    After a couple of beers

    Ale, Fighting Cocks.

    we cycled the short distance back to Eevie. Again sat outside until sundown.

    September 17th.

    Left site 0930 hrs, heading for Southsea. Arrived "Southsea Holiday Park" 1030hrs. What a difference, 35 per night, and the whole place run down.

    Touring Pitches, Southsea.

    We walked to "Portsmouth Historic Dockyard" to see the "Mary Rose", it was over 4 miles. Worth it though as we hadn't seen her since they'd turned of the water sprays. Lots of interesting history for sure.

    Mary Rose.

    This of course is a model, but helps you relate to things as you go round. The Gun Deck gives a good idea of the cramped conditions the crew lived and died under.

    Gun Deck, Mary Rose.

    Anybody over 5 foot would have to stoop. The Galley was right at the bottom of the ship, just a large pot on a brick structure with open fire underneath.

    Galley, Mary Rose.

    I guess the cooks were adept at 1 pot dishes. Interesting though is the rations for each crew member,

    Crew Rations, Mary Rose.

    note the beer ration, not like today, with random drink and drug testing. It was a truly interesting visit which went some way to compensate us for the campsite.
    Got the bus back to Eevie, then settled down for the evening.

    September 18th.

    Left site 0915hrs and and got back to Hawkinge 1315hrs. had been a nice trip apart from Southsea.

  • Chertsey. August 2014.

    August 17th.
    Off to Chertsey C&CC site for a 3 night break. Left hawkinge 1000hrs. Uneventful journey and arrived 1240hrs.

    Chertsey C&CC Site

    We love Chertsey, mainly for it's location, handy for Windsor, the Thames, and nice walks / cycle rides. Took a stroll to the "Bridge Hotel" for a couple of beers, then back to Eevie, where we sat outside til dark.

    August 18th.

    Another lovely day. We went to Windsor, bus to Staines then train to Windsor. Took a walk to Romney Lock to visit Dads bench.

    Us on Dads Bench

    (An older photo with myself, brother, and my Daughter on the bench). Then into Windsor where we strolled around the town. I got a new hat in Cotswolds leisure. Windsor is a nice town dominated by the castle above,

    Windsor Castle

    and the river below. Then made our way back to Chertsey where we had a nice roast in Eevie, bit of tv then bed.

    August 19th.

    Lovely morning so I sorted the bikes, and we cycled to Shepperton along the river bank.

    Shepperton Wier

    Hazel checked out the charity shops and we both browsed in "Nauticalia" by the lock. Then we got the ferry across the river and cycled into Weybridge. After a good look round retraced our steps to Chertsey. Popped in Sainsburys bought some bits for a BBQ which we had in the evening. It had been a nice day,

    August 20th.

    We set off homeward at 0950hrs. Diverted off of M'way down the A21 to Johns Cross Motorhomes to buy a couple of bits for Eevie. Then to "Jempsons" at Peasmarsh to buy some provisions for home. Arrived back at Hawkinge 1500hrs.

  • Stella Plage. August 2014.

    August 4th.

    Decided to take a short trip to Stella Plage, France. Only 2 nights but as we pay only 18 return for the ferry and total mileage of 50 each way it was well worth it.
    Left storage at 0730hrs and caught the 0930hrs ferry. Bit of breakfast on board, nice crossing, arrived Calais 1200hrs local time. Avoided the toll roads as usual and arrived at "La Foret" 1330hrs. Unusual site layout, there are many statics and chalets, but where there are gaps they pitch tourers.

    Eevie, Stella Plage.

    We had a nice one once I'd negotiated the tree. Once all set up we cycled into town for a look round, we were taken aback to see this on a roundabout,

    Camel, Stella Plage.

    but then found out the circus was in town. Had a look round, some nice shops and a lovely beach. Then a cafe for a couple of beers before heading back to Eevie. It was still quite hot when we got back so spent the evening sitting outside.

    August 5th.

    Woke to another lovely day. Had breakfast then cycled to Le Touquet. 5 miles on lovely cycle paths and mostly traffic free. Just like home? Not. Cycled to the beach first,

    Paris Plage, Le Touquet.

    it was beautiful, endless sand. The French get that while we have mostly shingle. Back in the centre we secured the bikes and had a stroll round the shops. Then a lovely lunch of Moule Marinere washed down with Normandy cider, delicious.

    Hazel, Le Touquet.

    Then a bit more browsing before cycling back.
    In Stella Plage we bought some meat for our evening meal. Being still hot we had our first barbecue with Eevie,

    Barbacue, Stella Plage.

    used a disposable that we'd had for 2 years. Not had an opportunity in all that time. It was lovely.

    August 6th.

    Had rained most of the night and was still as we cleared up. Left site 0925hrs and arrived Cite Europe 1030hrs. Did our usual shopping for food and wine, had a bite of lunch. Caught the 1420hrs ferry and back in Dover 1525hrs, arrived at storage 1610. The end of a very nice trip.

  • Devon and Bath, June 2014.

    June 25th.

    Arrived at storage to pick up Eevie, senile moment, I'd left her keys at home! Left Hazel sitting in the sunshine while I went home to get them. Got away eventually and had a trouble free run to Devon in pleasant sunshine. Arrived at Dans (Hazels son) 1640hrs. Spent the evening at their Lodge having a barbecue and playing with the Grandkids.

    June 26th.

    Left at 0900 hrs for Plymouth, to our wholesalers "Streets Ahead". Spent 4 hours there choosing stock for "Teeny Weeny World". Then back to Dans. The girls and kids stayed in the lodge Dan and I had a few beers in the bar.

    June 27th.

    Said our goodbyes and left 0930hrs heading for Bath. I detoured via the Avon Gorge to show Hazel, was ok but Bristol was a nightmare traffic wise. Arrived at the site and set up.

    Eevie, Newton Mill, Bath.

    Weather still good and spent the evening sitting outside.

    June 28th.

    Caught the 1015hrs bus into town. Stops a short walk from the site and takes 20 minutes into City centre. Bath is a lovely city with plenty of history, The Roman Baths well worth a look and up the hill to the Victorian Crescent is a must for "Oliver" fans. Had a lovely day, then back on site spent the evening outside again.

    June 29th.

    Left site 0930hrs headed home. Uneventfull and pleasant journey until Ashford. Stopped at the "International Hotel" as Jenny had said there was a Dollshouse Fair. There wasn't. Back to Eevie, pressed clutch pedal to put her in gear and the pedal snapped. "Brittania Rescue" recovered us.

  • Scotland. May 2014. Part 12.

    May 23rd.

    Left site 0845hrs, bound for Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The last point of the trip before home. Made a small diversion to visit

    at Thame. Glad we did, the perfect product for our spare room at home.
    Then on we went to Woodtock CC site. Arrived 1425.

    Reception, Woodstock CC Site.

    After setting up took a walk into the village, a couple of beers later, walked back to site in pouring rain. Spent the evening with tv and rain drumming on the roof.

    May 24th.

    Surprise, it was still tipping down. Walked to "Blenheim Palace", virtually next door to the site.

    Blenheim Palace.

    By staying on the CC site you get a very good discount on admission. Like most stately homes there is lots of luxury to look at,

    Dinner Table, Blenheim Palace.

    sadly the table wasn't laid for us. We wondered if Queen Anne had dined at it.

    Queen Anne, Blenheim Palace.

    Or even Winston,

    Winston Churchill, Bust.

    I'm sure if he did, there would have been plenty of alcohol and cigars. Any way for us it was a pleasant way to pass the last day before going home.

    May 25th.

    A dry sunny day, left site 0915 hrs uneventful drive and arrived at the storage 1215 hrs.
    This concludes the tour.

    Scotland Tour May 2014.

    The map gives a rough outline of the route.


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